Antarctic airbridge 2017/2018 accomplished

We're proud to announce that our crew has once again successfully returned from the 2017/2018 Antarctic Airbridge Mission, as ordered by the Antarctic Logistics Expedition. The aircraft is is currently in maintenance.

Relief delivered to Kermanshah

36 tons of World Health Organisation relief cargo delivered to earthquake area in Iran

Antarctic airbridge 2017/2018 opened

Another logistics mission of Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions to the Union Glacier scientific station started.

Antarctic airbridge closed

Antarctic airbridge mission of the season 2016/2017, performed for Antarctic Logistics Expedition has been accomplished. Aircraft is back for maintenance. 

Antarctic airbrdge to be closed soon

Airbridge to the Union Glacier, maintained for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions in the season 2016/2017 is about to close.

Live stock delivered to Iraq

Accompished live stock delivery task from Tbilicy to Erbil and Suleymaniya. Total 1600 heads have being transported to both destinations.

Humanitarian aid to Nepal

After crew training on a flight simulator, we've started operation to Kathmandu with relief cargo.

Humanitarian aid to Philippines

ZetAvia IL-76 aircraft returned from Philippines after humanitarian mission in the area, suffered from Haiyan typhoon.

New plane under ZetAvia wing

Aircompany ZetAvia have acquired sixth IL-76 aircraft. It is expected that in August’12 one more plane will be offered to RSTT clients at all markets.