About us

Reem Style Travel & Tourism LLC was first established in 1995 and is now registered with legal entity status in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Reem Style offers IL-76 and A300B4 aircraft on a charter flight basis to CIS countries, Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Russian-built freighters IL-76 are in high demand in the market of air cargo transportation due to reasonable prices, unique features and high cargo capacities.

We provide services such as aircraft and cargo handling, crew accommodation, refueling and permit obtaining in all UAE airports.

Reem Style is a General Sales Agent (GSA) of Sigma Airlines (SGL callsign) with a fleet of IL-76TD, IL-76TD-90 and A300B4-203F aircraft and Aircompany ZetAvia (ZAV callsign) with a fleet of 5 IL-76T/TD airplanes.

Reem Style can handle transshipment of cargo from any see or airport in the UAE to destinations all over the world.